Friday, October 5, 2012

So Much Fun in Cebu

This post about our family trip to Cebu on July 30, 2010 is long overdue. It's been a long time since I last visited this blog, and now it's time for some updating. 

We were  in Cebu for four days. We spent the first night at Crown Regency Hotel where you can find the Skywalk (first in the Philippines) and of course, the Edge Coaster. We did not MISS that.

I noticed that these two attractions really drew some crowd even  up until 12 midnight. We had our turn at the skywalk at past midnight already because of the long cue. The waiting was worth it because the Skywalk was really an extreme adventure that my kids truly enjoyed. The skywalk and the edge coaster are believed to be the first of its kind in the Philippines.

The following day, we left early for  Plantation Bay. A very refreshing sight welcomed us all. This resort is indeed a world-class facility. it is known for its being a user-friendly resort. 

There's a lot you can do in the resort. We went biking, wall climbing, and even had fun at the firing range. There are shuttle jeeps that can take you around the resort when you want to swim. There are restaurants offering various cuisines but they are located apart from each other. Don't worry there is a map to be provided when you register, so you can easily navigate your way to this wonderful resort.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Grandeur of Mount Pulag

Up there 2,900 meters above sea level, at the summit of Mount Pulag, I thanked God for my life and for my family. I was reminded once again of His greatness. God is really more than wonderful and more than amazing.

At the dawn of May 17, 2010, what I saw was a spectacular view of HIS creation, unfolding before my eyes as the sun slowly crept and established its presence in the sky. As of this writing, and to my mind, none can compare yet to the majestic and breathtaking drama that is Mount Pulag.

I was able to climb Mount Pulag with three people closest to my heart - my husband and my two boys. I was also with dearest friends. It was a difficult experience not because of the steep trails but because of the temperature. My tolerance to cold was really put to an extreme test there. Even my patience was stretched to its maximum limit.

I realized that not everybody gets to see the grandeur of Mount Pulag and the spectacular sunrise there. But to all of us who had the opportunity, I know what a great experience it was and we are all LUCKY to have gained it. We are blessed.

I left the summit of Mount Pulag with the thought that if I have a God who created such grandeur, then my GOD will also continue to work wonders in my life. So there at that highest elevation achievement of my life, I threw all my cares to the air, I casted all my worries, bad memories, hatred, envy and selfishness. Upon going down, I promised to take better care of myself, to love life, to always make my family my number one priority, to love those who are around me, to cherish my friends, to be positive at all times..

When I reached home, I knew I mutated into an improved version of me.

Dennis and I at the summit, wee hours in the morning